In today’s highly collaborative world, it’s unfortunate that most people consider Spam to be just a nuisance as opposed to a threat.  That’s because we have grown so accustomed to seeing Spam that we simply accept it as a necessary evil of the Internet.

And that’s a very dangerous attitude to take because it only takes one Spam message containing a virus or malware — or a link to a website that contains a virus or malware — to ruin a person’s desktop, or worse … take an entire business network to its knees.

Sure, we all run anti-virus and maybe anti-malware programs on our desktops in an attempt to stop these events, but at the rate new viruses and malware are created, there’s no guarantee that these programs will ever be able to catch each and every one.

And if one can get through, so will others.

This is why every business on the planet needs a service like Spam Commander. Our sole purpose is to prevent all emails containing spam, viruses and malware from even getting to your server — let alone reaching your employees’ inboxes.  Preventing these potentially dangerous types of emails is the only thing we do, which is why the systems are always up-to-date, minute-by-minute, to ensure your email stays junk-free, virus-free and malware-free.

Spam Commander is exceptionally inexpensive, too.  In fact, one full year of service is usually recovered (e.g., has an ROI) that’s measured in DAYS – not months or years!  And you can prove that by using our Cost of Spam Calculator and applying your own numbers to the calculation.

Whether you are a 1-person shop or a corporation of 1000 employees or more, Spam Commander WILL save you money from the very first day.

So don’t take risks that are so unnecessary and so easy (and affordable) to avoid … get Spam Commander TODAY!