How Does Spam Commander Work?

So what makes Spam Commander tick?  How does it work, and how difficult is it to implement?

The process is actually quite simple.  With an easy change to your Mail Exchange (MX) records, all incoming email is re-routed to our business partner servers at Spam Experts where each email is examined.

This examination includes checking for Spam, Viruses, Phishing, Ransomware, Spyware and various other forms of Malware (aka, “infected” email – see diagram).

What is Malware? (source: Wikipedia)

When an email is classified as ‘infected’, the servers place the email in quarantine, which prohibits the email from being relayed to the domain’s email server.  These messages can be reviewed at any time by each user to see if any valid emails were misclassified (this is very rare as Spam Experts has a 99.98% accuracy rating, which is among the highest in the industry).

Once an email is classified as “valid”, the servers will then relay the message to the domain’s email server and ultimately to the end-user’s inbox.

As you can see, the process is very simple. AND it has a broad range of cost saving benefits for your business:


  • Eliminate Spam, Viruses and all other Malware (Ransomware, Phishing, Spyware, etc) from every workstation in your entire domain
  • Productivity Savings ... By removing the constant barrage of Spam emails, most companies realize an increase in employee productivity by an average of  35 minutes per week per employee.  That quickly adds up when you factor in the total number of employees and the savings over the course of each year.  In fact, most companies save several thousand dollars annually by relying on Spam Commander -- yet our cost is just $4.95 per month!
  • Bandwidth Savings ... By removing Spam email from the data pipeline into your organization, most companies realize a bandwidth reduction ranging from 25% to as much as 80%.  So if you are paying for bandwidth or your network is slow, this becomes a major cost savings benefit.
  • Hardware Savings ... In tandem with the reduction in bandwidth usage is the lower costs of hardware required to handle your inbound data. Hardware can be very expensive, so imagine what a drop of just 25% in bandwidth would do for your current and future hardware costs!
  • Support Cost Savings ... Have you ever been hit with a virus, or know someone who has?  Then you already know how difficult it is to recover from such an infection.  The downtime alone is expensive enough, but when you need assistance from a Support tech, the total cost can easily -- even exponentially -- exceed the annual cost of Spam Commander!

Given the simplicity and elegance of Spam Commander, and the number of ways it helps reduce costs, it's no wonder that companies worldwide are realizing the significant value of our service.  

So please accept our invitation to a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL ... you'll be glad you did!

Thank you!

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About Spam Commander

Spam Commander is a leading provider of anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-ransomware solutions for business email. With award winning technology, our hosted solution requires no software to be installed, no changes to your email client and an easy, fast setup regardless if your server is on-site or with your current hosting company.