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No More Ransomware, Viruses or Spam for Small Business

Small-to-medium-size businesses are finally embracing anti-spam protection services because:

  • the increase in Ransomware outbreaks has been dramatic,
  • the dangers related to email-born spam, viruses and malware are growing every day,
  • the actual cost-impact of spam and virus/malware infections can be enormous, and
  • the actual value of using an email protection service is substantial.

Large corporations figured this out years ago and spent serious money getting solutions in place.  Fortunately, those days have passed, replaced by more advanced, more affordable and easier-to-use cloud-based solutions like Spam Commander. So why the transition?  Why are small businesses finally joining the crusade against spam?

Two words: Security and Money.


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For those who may not know the anatomy of spam, it goes something like this: email is the primary mechanism used to deliver spam, and spam is the primary means to deliver ads, viruses and malware (ransomware, phishing, spyware, spoofing, etc).

So when we talk about “Spam Email”, we are actually referring to all emails that:

  1. are nothing but time-wasting, annoying ads,
  2. are infected with harmful links that can either steal one’s personal information or install malware, or
  3. already include malware which can take a single workstation — or an entire network — to its knees.

So what needs to happen?  That’s easy: ALL spam emails, regardless of their content, must be stopped mid-stream to ensure they are never delivered to an employee’s desktop or inbox.

And that’s exactly what Spam Commander delivers, eliminating all spam and all security threats to your organization for just $4.95 per month!


The financial, or “money” side of spam protection involves a lot more than most people realize. I’ll review just two of the most important.

Cost of an Infection (Cost Avoidance)

Let’s take a moment to consider the ‘real’ cost of just one outage caused by an infection that takes down a single workstation.  Here are some of the factors involved:

  1. workstation downtime,
  2. employee labor costs,
  3. tech support and/or service costs,
  4. project or work schedule delay costs,
  5. backup restoral costs (if used),
  6. management costs.

By the time you add it all up, you could easily be looking at a ‘real’ cost impact of $1,000 or more — from just one workstation infection.  Now consider the costs if your entire network gets infected … now THAT’s a lot of money!

Suffice it to say, you can avoid all email-based infections by adding Spam Commander today!

Productivity Loss (Cost Recovery)

Did you know that the average employee loses between 35 and 45 minutes of productivity per 5-day work week because of spam? Knowing that, we can do a sample case study based on a minimum of 35 minutes per week.

Let’s say you have a company of 10 employees who have an average hourly wage of $25, and each works forty-eight (48) 5-day weeks a year (after holidays and personal time are removed).  That’s 28 hours, or $700 worth of productivity loss per year for just one employee because of spam.  Now multiply that by the number of employees (10) and you have the total annual cost of spam to the organization: $7,000!

Once again, it’s clear that the need for Spam Commander is overwhelming.


Cost Savings with Email Protection

As I mentioned, most of today’s solutions for incoming email protection are no longer cost prohibitive.  A few, in fact, cost less than $5 a month while protecting up to 1,000 email accounts or more.

Let’s take our earlier case study and add-up the annual savings for a small, 10-person company:

Cost Avoidance from Infection prevention (@ just 1 incident per year): $ 1,000
Productivity Loss Recovery (@ $700 per person per year): $ 7,000
Total: $ 8,000
Cost of Spam Commander (@ $4.95 per month) $      59
Net Savings (ROI) $ 7,941
Confidence knowing your company is always protected, 24 x 7? Priceless

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?  Who knew that a small investment could save so much for your company?


So don’t become a victim!  Protect your business and your employees … get Spam Commander today — starting with a No Risk, 30-Day FREE TRIAL!